Thursday, October 22, 2009

I know I am a BIG slacker for keeping up with this blog.....

If YOU really are interested in the likes of me AND my writing you should probably follow me at ONe CLuttered BRain!!
I am going to try and update this blog alittle better in the future. Here are my writing projects. First I want to tell you that I joined a writing group! YEAH!
Don Carey mentioned he just joined one and I asked him if I could join his and he gave me the email and I asked. I'm in. Now I am going to really have to be accountable for my writing.
Next I am working on a couple of stories. I have a middle grade fiction I am working on and a romance fiction. And just recently I decided to write an essay on what Motherhood means to me.
Other than that, I've been busy with the normal things. Cleaning of house, checking of email, and WRITING of course! (Just NOT writing on here...)

Thanks to all of you who still follow me. Like I said if you really want updates join me in cluttered brain. This managing of two blogs is a bit new for me. Gotta wrap my hands around it more...LOL!