Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why I write.

(Isn't Calvin a riot? Leave it to him to use big words to make his report longer. Jeez.)

Today I am feeling quite introspective lately. I have read some people's blogs and they are amazing. These bloggers are writing about WHY they write. I have had this post in me for a while but its been caged inside me. It's time to let it out. Here it goes.


I write because I can. I crave challenges. Writing is hard. There is almost always discipline involved. (Like turning off my Tweetdeck.) *smile* This past year for the first time I entered Naniwrimo. Naniwrimo is an organization that helps writers kick their butt into gear. For the month of November you pledge to write 50,000 words. It is a little undaunting when you think about it. But I did it! I wrote another novel! The crazy thing to me is I want to write more.

I am in no way a perfect writer. I am learning like the rest of you. But I enjoy writing. It allows me to put my true feelings on paper. I can post feelings I am having through characters on paper and no one has to know its me. There is a quintessential joy in writing for me. I feel so good when I finish a story. And when I read back at what I wrote I remember the feelings of my characters and it feels so good. I am so glad I was given this gift of wanting to write. It has helped me a great deal in my own life.

I used to write in a journal when I was younger. Since I have grown older, I feel like I haven't got the time for it anymore. I could blame it on the social media sites I have recently joined. But that is not truly fair. It's me. If I want to write so bad, I need to do it. I have a laptop and lots of fresh ideas, I just need to do it.

I'm probably not really into it that much sometimes because I'm in the editing phase. UGH! Why edit? For one reason, you do NOT want to submit dirt to a publishing company. You want to come off as polished as you can. I will follow my advice and edit this week. It might feel like pulling of a bandaid that has been on for a while, but eventually I will feel better.

I must remember why I write. Maybe this post will help me remember.
I write because it helps me alleviate the burdens I have.
I write because I have characters inside my head that want to come out.
I write first and foremost for me.
Someday I might become a published author. Maybe I won't. But if I don't try and get my words out there I will regret it.

I am so glad for writers conferences as well. Without LDStorymakers, I am afraid I would be lost. They provide such support to me in my writings. It's not always easy but when you sit down and actually pour your feelings and stories on people you are breathing life into your characters.

I am grateful for writing. I plan on doing more with my writing this next week. If that means Tweetdeck must be shut off, then so be it.

My goal for this week is to get the short story out of my mind and onto the computer. No more procrastinating. Check back in next Saturday to see if I accomplished my goal. Hope I have good news to report. ;)

Anyone else feel the same away about writing? Care to share?

And as always, Thanks for reading!