Saturday, March 6, 2010

Submission UPDATE!

 "Writing is a release of a part of my soul." I'd like to take credit for that quote but I'm not. A fellow writer friend and tweep of mine--Bookmom2000, tweeted something like that to me the other day. And I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks Bookmom2000,  for reminding me!

I took a leap this week and submitted my first article to Mormon Mommy Blogs!
It took me great effort to decide whether I wanted to be a regular contributor on MMB. I mean did I have what it takes to submit a piece of my soul every month? YES! Yes, I do. And I will.
I can't wait until my first article is published on MMB. With time and effort it will be. I wrote my first article on gratitude. I won't share until it is actually published on MMB. No peeking here. :) You have to wait like I do. 

And now to the meatier part of my post. How I feel about myself when I am writing.

I feel rather rejuvenated when it comes to writing. I have been around the old blog for a while reading a bunch of wonderful blogs and thinking to myself, "I can write too. I should start submitting articles instead of just blogging." Not that anything is wrong with blogging, blogging is a great outlet for me to allow my creative juices to start flowing.

  I am not going to be complacent anymore when it comes to writing. Like the tweets I see from authors every now and then that say, "Don't bother me, #amwriting" That's where I am right now. I am not going to work on novel type stuff--well from time to time I might, but I am going to focus more on the short stories and article submissions. It is easier for me right now to edit the short story and articles I am going to be turning into magazines and other successful publishers that are interested in my writing. 

  This decade will be a different decade for me as a writer. I will submit. I will probably get some rejection letters. I will probably get a few acceptances. But overall, for me as a writer, it will be a good experience for me I think.

How do you as a writer get through life? How do you go about challenging yourself?