Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Worst First Date!

This is based upon my memory of an experience. The basic gist of the memory is right. Whether I got all the facts straight still remains a mystery. And yes, Marshall was definitely stuck up. And Yes, I wrote in third person because I'm a dork. It was somewhat easier. Ok? Not sure if Marshall was the guy's name or not. But he definitely came from the expensive side of town and he was driving a sports car. :))

     Back in the day, before Facebook and Twitter, there was a local chat program called "Chat City" and "Gaso-line." There was a lovely young girl named Alexes, who with her friend Sarah, decided to chat and flirt online with guys their own ages. It was all shameless flirting and batting of eyelashes. Sometimes they exchanged phone numbers with the boys, sometimes they didn't. Alexes spotted a guy online that was really pretty cute. His name was Marshall Fields.*  Alexes and Marshall chatted for a while and then one evening, Marshall typed at her: "You wanna go out sometime?"
Alexes quickly typed back her heart thumping wildly. "Sure. Where do you want to go?"
"Movies sound good. And then maybe something to eat. So we can, ya know, talk about the movie."
"Okay. Sounds great. When are you picking me up?"
"Friday night. 7 o' clock."
"Talk to you later then. Marshall."
Alexes giggled. She had already seen a picture of Marshall online. He looked incredible. She was so excited.
Friday night came quickly. Alexes dressed in her favorite jeans and top and opened the front door when the doorbell rang.
"Hi there. I'm Marshall."
After the nervous greetings were out in the open, they walked outside to his car.
"Freak. You have a red sports car?"
"Yeah, that's my ride. Sweet isn't it?"
    Alexes got inside the leather interior. The car smelled so nice. Like the new car smell scent. It smelled very nice. And so did Marshall. He managed to wear her favorite cologne--Polo, and he drove Okay.

    The thing that Marshall did the entire night, that bugged Alexes a TON, was talk about himself. Alexes asked all the questions, and Marshall was content to answer them and expound on them. As long as he was talking about his beloved sports car, he was just fine. After the movie and the dinner, Marshall drove Alexes home in silence. She has run out of questions to ask him and quite frankly was starting to feel uncomfortable.
When they arrived at Alexes' house, he asked her if he could see her again.
   Alexes nodded and replied, "Whatever. I'll call you."
And she never did. Who wants to be stuck on another date with a guy who is so stuck on himself?
Not Alexes. :)))

*Marshall may or may not be his name. I'm not sure. But the name sounds conceited to me so that's the name I gave him. :) The picture is just for eye candy. Picture obtained through Google images. Thanks Google!
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Michele Ashman Bell said...

I heard someone say they stopped going out with a guy because his "I's" were too close together. I think the disease is contagious. Seems like a lot of it's going around.

Great story. You told it well. Felt like I was almost with you for a minute.

Amber Lynae said...

I love that. Yeah. When a guy is stuck on himself it kinda makes it hard to be into him.

T. Anne said...

That's the kind of hero I try and avoid in my novels or real life, lol!